The Hit Men Cometh!!

Achilles – The Hit – is based on a short story I wrote a couple of years ago about a local kingpin who owns the most popular Gentleman’s Club in town.  Achilles’ best friend is gunned down by mistake and it’s not long before he releases the bullet was meant for him. It’s a race against time for Achilles to find out who is behind … the hit.

I published The Hit two years ago and it performed very well on Amazon, receiving great reviews. When I wrote it, I had in mind to make Achilles a complete series. So, after The Hit, a year later, I wrote and published The Family – the second installment in the Achilles series.

It was always in the back of mind that Achilles would make a great movie. It had an Adonis as the protagonist and is money, power and respect. The idea stayed with me and finally, earlier this year, I converted the short story – The Hit – into a screenplay.

With the help of my Director friend, I hammered and polished the script. Moonraven Films LLC was created and pre-production commenced.

We start shooting July 30th.

Of course, like most indie films, we need to raise money so there is an Indie Go-Go crowd funding campaign in place. I’ve carved out some fantastic perks for you and even if you can’t contribute – a tweet or a share goes a very long way.

If each of my friends/family/supporters contributes just $10-$20, we’ll reach our goal.

Geoffrey Ryan Rein stars as Achilles. Co-starring are Therron Dumas as Tyree, International Nova as Omar, Manny Mertis as Moe and Robert Dobson as Brandon.

I’ve tagged them as The Hit Men …. they like it…a lot lol

The-Hit-Men (3)

Here is the website:  You will find the complete synopsis there.

Here is the Indie Go-Go site:

Thanks so much and here’s to The Hit being a smashing hit.

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Chemicals. You can’t get away from them!


His position is so well stated. Awesome post!

Originally posted on Russel Ray Photos:


I thought I would follow up on my Monsanto post of January 14, 2015. It was by far my most controversial post, and a few people decided to unfollow me because of it. One even said in a comment, “I’m saddened and stunned that you have bought into their [Montanto’s] propaganda, so I will take a break from following your blog for awhile.” If I were vindictive, I would have taken a break from following his blog!

If you missed my first Monsanto post, see it here: I’m going with Monsanto on this one, for the moment.

Today’s post was inspired by a conversation with a grade-school friend about the complete and total Blue Bell Ice Cream recall due to listeria contamination. The CEO and President of Blue Bell, Paul Kruse, is an old Texas A&M colleague and Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Brother. I haven’t spoken to him…

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@LettesChat – your site has been added

It’s official!

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#DISGUISE (short story) #horrormedication

bleedingcritic has done it again with his latest vignette, Disguise.


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Going for the Gold

Life can be rough. Really tough.

We are bombarded, daily, with the normal struggles in life like rent, food, water/electric/cable/phone bills but with news of impending doom thrown in our faces everyday, things can seem and often times ARE exacerbated because of it. With talk about the U.S. potentially going into war with ISIS, terrorist attacks, the threat of an Ebola pandemic and global warming, it can all be so overwhelming.

If, in the face of all that, we’re also educated yet unemployed or underemployed, divorced, homeless, separated, trapped in a relationship or in search of a meaningful one, then your self confidence, feelings of self worth, self esteem, drive, ambition and motivation can take a real tough beating. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up in the morning without wondering if life is worth it.

Yes, it is.

A recent conversation with someone very close to me moved me to my very core. He said, “Never give up. You only fail when you stop trying.”

Simple, right? Not so much. But those words are SO very powerful.

Every thing you do, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, will get you closer to your goal. If you STOP, then obviously, you will never get there. Every inch, every milestone, every movement or advancement counts. Belief in yourself and anything you do toward your goal is what will get you there – no matter how small it may seem – it IS working.

The person who spoke those words to me has seen so much adversity in his life and suffered tremendous losses … losses that would make a lot of people quit, give up, sink into a bottomless pit of depression, sadness and despair where giving up would seem the safest, easiest alternative.

But quitting is not, nor will it ever be, an option.

Whatever your goal, your dream or your vision for your life is, you MUST keep trying to reach it. If one way doesn’t work, then take a step back, regroup and attack it again. It’s okay to take a breather…figure things out…even get a little down – the key is to not stay there!

For some of us, life comes around full circle. Some of the opportunities we didn’t take advantage of previously, fortunately come back around. Seize the opportunity to make a difference this time. Believe in yourself and what you want for your life.

You have two choices. You can either spend your life dreaming for things or you can spend your life striving to make those dreams come true. Either way, life is going on, moving forward, not yielding to time. What’s it going to be?

Stay focused on the goal. Keep trying and never give up.


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Taking back an “Ex” – Yea or Nay?

Tonight at 9pm, Sherry Andrea and I talk about “Taking Back Your Ex – Moving Backward or Forward?” At one time or another, many of us have been faced with rekindling an old romance or moving forward and never looking back. Which would you do? Can a leopard change its spots? Tune in Call in 301-710-6606

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Justice has been served. Jones locked up for four years!

Karl Jones has been the subject of this blog several times. I have one last update and then I truly feel like I will be able to move on from this issue. I feel relieved, I feel vindicated, I feel justified.

As a mother and as someone who once knew Karl Jones, I’m delighted that the UK is a little safer tonight.

Read about his sentence here.


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